How to use pallet collars in the garden

What I have always loved are different unique gardens. Of course, each garden that you see is in a way completely unique and that is exactly what makes this hobby so special.

And today I want to talk about something that might be a great solution for many of us who love our gardens.

You know, because different new solutions are something that I have always been looking for. Simply because there are many great ideas than can completely change the way we arrange our garden. And it does make all of this work a lot more interesting.

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How to Look After Cut Flowers

Freshly cut flowers are a wonderful addition to your home, bringing brightness and fragrance to lighten up your rooms.

Buying flowers from your florist can be expensive and growing them in your garden can often take time, so you will want to make them last as long as possible in your vase.

We look at the top 10 tips for looking after cut flowers, in the hope that you have beautiful long-lasting blooms.

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5 Flowers to Grow at Home

Fresh flowers can instantly brighten up your home, often making it smell as good as it looks. Buying cut flowers from your florist, however, can be expensive, but there is always the option to grow your own flowers.

There are lots of flowers that you can grow at home in your garden, but we take a look at the top 5 flowers to grow at home, that are easy to maintain and will enjoy a good vase life.

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