Creating a Backyard Wildlife Garden

Most homeowners use their back garden as a place to entertain friends and families, it is a show piece meant to impress.  Others prefer something a little wilder and instead they are creating a backyard wildlife garden instead of something manicured.  A wildlife garden gives you the chance to create a home for birds and animals that have lost theirs to urban expansion.  If you want to create a habitat for wildlife here are some things that you are going to need.

Providing Food

Birds and animals go where the food is, so if you provide a food source for wildlife they will show up.  Even if all you put in the yard is a bird feeder, which will bring birds and squirrels to the garden.  You can pick up some birdseed at the local home improvement store or even the local supermarket.  Once you set up your birdfeeder both birds and squirrels will start enjoying their next meal there.  You need to check it regularly because squirrels will steal all of the food and hoard it.  If you prefer you can get a bird feeder that is squirrel proof and then feed nuts to the squirrels separately.

Providing Water

All animals need water to survive and they spend as much time looking for fresh water as they do food.  During the warmer summer months it can be difficult for animals to find a source of clean water.  You can put out smaller bowls of fresh water that allows them to safely get water. You need to be careful and change the water often or you will end up with mosquitos instead of birds and squirrels.

A Place to Sleep

Animals also need a place to nest and raise their young.  It really doesn’t take much to provide shelter, it can be as simple as hanging a birdhouse in the back garden.  Trees are also ideal places for them to build a nest.  During the fall when the temperature changes or during a storm, small animals will need to seek shelter, if you provide it for them they will be happy to call your back garden home.   You can also let your grass grow wild if possible and that will let other small animals to build a nest in the weeds or underground.

It really doesn’t take much to provide food and shelter and turn your back garden into a sanctuary for wildlife native to your area.  It’s good for the animals and good for the environment.